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Discover the Tails and Trails Difference

Unleash the Adventure

At Tails and Trails, we have been providing top-notch dog training services since 2017. With our 27 years of experience combined and love for animals, we understand the needs and expectations of every pet parent. Our mission is to ensure that every dog has a safe and happy experience on our trails and new adventures. We believe that dogs thrive in a natural environment, surrounded by the sights, sounds, and smells of nature. That's why we take them on exciting journeys, exploring the beauty of the outdoors. Our team of dedicated dog Trainers and dog walkers is trained to handle any situation and provide real solutions to common pet owner concerns. We are constantly learning and improving our skills to be the best in the business. Join us on this amazing tail-wagging adventure and let your furry friend experience the joy of Tails and Trails.

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